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Website design

Website Design

Over 400,000 construction businesses operate in Australia. First impressions are everything with just seconds to stand out in such a highly competitive industry. Our websites are clear, powerful, and attractive. With Australian writers who understand the industry, we will showcase your services and completed projects in the best possible light.

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing

It’s easy to get lost in the sea of online competition. Using search engine marketing, we will strategically position your business to resonate with your ideal clientele by targeting specific keywords, preferences, and demographics. This ensures your marketing efforts are visible and reach serious buyers looking for construction businesses like yours.

LinkedIn Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Beyond traditional billboard and magazine advertising, social media platforms provide incredible opportunities for construction businesses to connect with potential clients. Whether you spotlight completed projects to engage with followers or create a brand awareness campaign, we will harness the power of social media and lead you to thousands of new leads like never before.

Email marketing

Lead Nurturing

Email marketing and social media retargeting are excellent ways to nurture leads through the sales funnel. The right lead nurturing strategy helps increase enquiries and sales by keeping your business front of mind for your potential customers. We can help you implement a strategy that can get you results using these effective lead-nurturing channels.

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Signs Your Marketing Holding Your Business Back

Signs That Your Marketing Is Holding Back Your Business

Too Many Timewasters

How often does this happen? People engage you for a quote but quickly disappear soon after. They didn’t have the budget. They got cold feet. They found someone else who was cheaper. Whatever the reason, it still ends up costing you valuable time during the quotation process. Time that takes you away from being able to grow your business. We implement a pre-qualification process to help filter out timewasters so that you can save your time for serious customers.

Signs That Your Marketing Is Holding Back Your Business

Price Sensitive Customers

Price-sensitive customers will engage multiple builders for a quote and go with the cheapest price. If you’ve ever lost out to another builder due to price, it comes down to communication of value, if your value hasn’t been communicated effectively, customers will decide based on price. We can help you clearly articulate your value proposition beyond just pricing – demonstrating your quality, experience, reviews, after-sales support and past successes. This can instil confidence in potential clients and help ensure decisions are made on value, rather than cost.

Signs That Your Marketing Is Holding Back Your Business

Not Enough Opportunities

Traditional marketing channels such as billboards, brochures, and flyers don’t have the same impact as in the past. Customers today are more savvy than ever. They research online, look at reviews, and check out your portfolio before making the first call. Unless they are impressed, you are unlikely to get; that first enquiry. We know how to represent your business to thousands of serious customers and can help you build a strong sales pipeline.

Signs That Your Marketing Is Holding Back Your Business

Stagnant Business Growth

As a builder, you want your business to grow and thrive. However, in today’s competitive market, it can be challenging to stand out and attract new customers. You may find yourself stuck in a cycle of repeating the same types of projects for the same clients, leading to stagnant business growth. Let us help you diversify your projects and clientele by expanding your reach to a wider audience through our targeted marketing strategies. With increased exposure and brand recognition, we can help facilitate the growth of your business.

Ineffective Marketing Makes Selling Hard – We’ll Fix That.

Construction Marketing Expertise You Won’t Get Anywhere Else

At Paramark we’ve worked with construction companies to get them more quality customers online. We let our results speak for themselves. Our clients have increased their quality leads by as much as 5000%. We take our work seriously and use our online marketing experience to get you results!


Why Does Paramark Get Better Results For Construction Businesses?


Better Leads Not More Leads

Our marketing helps your business communicate value and filter out timewasters so that you can focus on delivering excellent results for serious clients who pay you what you deserve.


Proven Results

We are extremely proud of a 100% track record of success with all our clients with some doubling their revenue within 12 months of working with us. Our clients include builders, developers, and renovation contractors.


Strategies That Actually Work

Through industry research, tracking, analytics, and reporting, we deliver measurable and impactful strategies that actually generate more sales and serious enquiries for our construction clients.

Some of Our Construction Marketing Strategies

Website Design

We design and create high-quality websites to help you present your company in the best possible way. Our websites are more than just a digital presence; they reflect your values and dedication to professionalism, putting you in a position where you attract the right customers and avoid unqualified leads. We optimise your website for conversions, using clean design, clear messaging and persuasive calls to action.

Google Ads

Google Ads and other search engine ads can be a highly effective way to get new customers fast. However, this involves getting the keyword strategy right to target the most serious buyers. When executed poorly, it will simply eat into your marketing budget without getting you the results you are looking for. Our Google Ads campaigns target your ideal customers with the right messaging and information to generate more serious leads and enquiries.

Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimisation effectively reaches more serious customers looking for construction businesses like yours. From our experience, SEO can be highly successful when done right, getting you more leads than ever with a high ROI. But this is a long-term strategy that requires patience. SEO helps to build awareness when customers are researching and ready to buy – with some of our clients reporting revenue increases by as much as 100%.

Social Media Marketing

Whether you want to build awareness about your construction company and past projects or remarket to potential customers who have engaged with your business in the past, social media marketing is an essential tool to help you generate more leads and conversions. Facebook alone has 15 million Australian users. Imagine the number of people you can reach through a strategically planned social media marketing campaign!

Email Marketing

Email marketing often has a high success rate when done right, especially if you want to nurture your leads and keep them updated about your progress as a construction business. This can prove highly effective in reaching out to leads who have gone cold in the sales process, reminding past customers that you are still around and getting referral business. We can help you identify and set up an effective email marketing campaign to keep your audience informed.

Find Out Why Your Marketing Isn’t Attracting Serious Customers

If your marketing is falling short of connecting with serious customers, it could be for several reasons – from messaging inconsistencies to poor audience targeting to the marketing channels you use.

We know it is important to understand why your strategies aren’t delivering serious customers. We’ll analyse every facet of your marketing strategy to identify the best sales opportunities through online marketing. We’ll figure out what is and isn’t working and the areas of improvement.

Through our expert, hands-on knowledge and advice, we help construction businesses refine their messages, optimise outreach channels and tailor content to attract serious buyers in the industry.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why do I need to market my business online?

    Old-school marketing campaigns across magazines, signages, brochures, flyers, and events aren’t as effective today. Serious customers are increasingly looking online. They want to know about past projects, success stories, company history and market credibility. Online marketing allows you to create a laser-focused campaign, targeting the right audience and maximising your ROI.

  • What challenges do I need to overcome as a construction business?

    One of the biggest challenges for construction businesses is attracting serious customers and filtering out the time wasters. It is often not the number of leads that is the issue; it is the quality of leads. Through strategic marketing, we will pre-qualify enquiries and ensure the most serious customers are given priority, so you can focus your time and energy on selling to the right people.

  • Is online marketing expensive?

    The cost of online marketing can vary depending on your goals. An ongoing marketing campaign typically starts from $3,000 per month. We’ve found that some of our clients often see returns 10 times higher than the expense. Remember, the value is not just in generating immediate leads but also in building brand awareness and credibility for long-term success.

  • Why should I choose to work with you over others?

    Quantifiable results! That’s our focus. It’s not about how much traffic you get or how many marketing campaigns you run. We believe in creating a tangible impact that you can measure through increased enquiries and paying clients. Every marketing strategy we plan is based on past successes, getting you the results you want to grow your business – now and in the long run.