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We focus on the terms your ideal customers are searching for and deliver engaging content designed to generate interest and sales.

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Increased Brand Awareness

Get discovered by more quality customers when they search online for the services and products you provide.

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We provide quality website content that genuinely answers the questions your potential customers are searching for. This is exactly what search engines are seeking, and ensures we deliver long-term results regardless of any Google algorithm changes.

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Types of SEO Services We Provide

At Paramark, we provide different types of SEO services catering to the needs of different businesses. We dive deep into your ideal customers wants and needs so we can identify the best SEO practices for your business.


Local SEO

As more people go online on their mobiles or other devices to look for local businesses, you must be easily visible to them through location based targeting. We can help you become more visible in local searches through Google My Business listings, maps, business directory listings and more.


National & International SEO

For businesses that want to target a broader audience, we can optimise your website and content to help search engines easily identify the different regions your business operates in, giving you the best possible chance of ranking higher everywhere. We even track where your leads come from so you can measure the success of your SEO campaigns.


Ecommerce SEO

Different from regular SEO, e-commerce SEO focuses on helping you make a sale online. We utilise laser-targeted campaigns directed at engaged customers actively seeking products and services related to your business, making it easier to convert them into genuine sales.

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Why Work With Us?

Our main purpose is to make sure your ideal customers discover you online. But we also focus on conversion-driven content to turn them into genuine sales – putting you head and shoulders above your competition. Reach the right audience, the right way with Paramark.


Strong Vertical Expertise

We know what customers for industry, tech and finance businesses are looking for; we understand the services that are most profitable and use professional copywriting to communicate these benefits in the terminology your customers will understand.


Focus on Business Growth

We know online marketing is just one part of your business plan, making sure our services perfectly align with your vision. We can also advise on other marketing opportunities for your business.


Completely Transparent

We take our customers through every aspect of any SEO strategies we undertake, so you know exactly what we are doing at every stage.


Genuine Results

Our algorithm-proof SEO strategy emphasises excellent content to deliver genuine results without gaming the system.


Personalised SEO Strategy

We create a personalised strategy based on your unique needs, search intent of your audience, scientific data and proven tactics that work seamlessly together in the long run.


Committed to Delivering Measurable Results

Our intention is to get your more quality customers, not just website traffic – helping you grow your brand and business from the inside out.

Why is SEO important?

SEO is one of the most important tools for businesses today because it improves organic traffic, which is often one of the primary sources of new customers for a business. Ultimately, a well-considered SEO strategy will grow website traffic and enquiries and help businesses achieve greater success.


Higher Return on Investment

SEO generates higher ROI than traditional marketing and advertising channels with the potential to significantly increase your sales from the same marketing budget.


Unlimited Traffic and Exposure

Once you rank for important search terms, there is no limit to the amount of website traffic and brand exposure you attract, unlike paid ads. With SEO, you get leads even if a campaign ends.


Targets Customers During Buying Phase

Unlike traditional and social media advertising, SEO targets engaged customers who are intentionally seeking products and services related to your business, meaning they find you when they're ready to buy.


Increases Credibility

Very few people will move beyond the first page of Google, which is why being ranked higher builds your credibility and the overall trustworthiness of your business.

Our Process

With Google constantly changing its algorithms to focus on delivering a better experience to users, our SEO process is customised to align with your goals – making sure every step delivers quality and value to your customers.


Comprehensive Website Audit

We start with an in-depth website audit to identify your biggest SEO issues, improve website structure and enhance navigation between different pages for a better user experience.


Competitor and Industry Keyword Research

We study your competition to see what SEO results they achieve and how we can help you beat them, we also analyse the most valuable keywords and phrases your customers use through extensive industry research to get you to the top of Google.


Website Content Development and Optimisation

Your website is fundamentally linked to the SEO results you achieve. We focus on providing the best possible user experience through high quality visual and written content from our team of skilled designers, photographers, copywriters and developers. This also helps to turn visitors into customers and clients.


Technical SEO

We create a strong technical foundation for your website by improving site architecture and speed to improve traffic, rankings and conversions over time.


Industry Outreach

We work with our exclusive network of industry partners to build genuine relationships with your business and legitimate links from reputable websites.


New Content and Updates

We constantly find opportunities to add fresh new content to help improve existing rankings and enhance your visibility for more services online.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does SEO cost?

The cost of an SEO campaign will vary significantly depending on your business. We also provide many services that other SEO agencies don't, like content marketing, promotion and website updates, because we know from experience that they work, and are often essential to achieving real results. The best way to get an idea of how much SEO costs, is by contacting us and discussing your business and needs with us.

How long does SEO take?

Unlike PPC, SEO does not take you to the top of a search instantly. In some instances, it can take months to move up the rankings because you have to demonstrate your relevance to Google and other search engines. Hitting your online goals takes time and is dependent on the quality of your SEO, which is why it is worthwhile working with an experienced agency like Paramark. When done right, SEO has the potential to bring tremendous success to your business without massive marketing investments.

Can you guarantee results?

It is unrealistic for any genuine SEO specialist to guarantee top page results in Google, however, we stand by our record of helping 100% of our clients get more traffic, enquiries and business as a direct result of our partnership. We never work with a business unless we're confident we can deliver results.