How we increased leads for Arcadian Legal by 794%

Arcadian Legal is a trusted and experienced family lawyer in the Hills District, NSW. The firm is committed to providing compassionate, comprehensive legal services and addressing complex issues during family disputes. Whether it’s divorce, child support, custody battles, property settlements, binding financial agreements or domestic violence, Arcadian Legal approaches each case with a tailored strategy that respects clients’ emotional and financial well-being.

In 2022, Lance Jackson, the owner of Arcadian Legal, contacted us to increase the number of enquiries so he could grow his family law practice. To achieve this, we employed a highly focused SEO campaign that boosted visibility and client engagement, ultimately leading to a 794% increase in leads.

What we did

Arcadian Legal was looking to attract more potential clients through its digital presence. Our focus wasn’t merely on measuring site visits or user engagement. Rather, we aimed to appeal directly to the kind of clients in need of family legal services—those who are not just browsing but are genuinely looking for representation that could potentially convert into clients.


Website design

The first step was to build a high-conversion, custom website that simplified the user’s journey. We achieved this through an intuitive structure, clear calls to action, and responsive design. We also integrated trust-building elements such as client testimonials, professional memberships and detailed service explanations.



Our targeted approach to SEO ensured the site ranked highly in search results related to family law services, further enhancing visibility and conversion potential. By identifying highly relevant keywords related to Arcadian Legal’s priority services, we could target the right searches and significantly increase the number of enquiries.


Content marketing

We extensively researched and successfully crafted premium-quality articles for the Arcadian Legal website. This high-value content attracted more visitors to the website and increased engagement, resulting in more enquiries and a higher conversion rate for the business.


Social media posting

Our social media posting objectives aligned with our SEO strategy. Posting well-written content on key social media channels encouraged more website traffic and improved brand awareness, ultimately leading to increased enquiries for Arcadian Legal’s services.

Our results

As a result of our SEO and content marketing campaign, we increased the number of organic leads for Arcadian Legal by a substantial 794%, with an average of 35+ leads per month and a 289% growth in website traffic, creating new opportunities for business growth and expansion.

Arcadian Legal Result
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Increase in organic leads

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Leads per month on average

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Increase in website traffic

The impact to Arcadian Legal

The growth in leads and opportunities for Arcadian Legal, has been game-changing. With such a huge increase in leads and steady workload growth, Lance has been able to triple his workforce and focus on business management and growth rather than just casework.

All these have put them on the right track toward their business growth and expansion objectives.

Want to see similar results for your business?

At Paramark, we follow a proven and consistent process that has yielded highly successful results for our clients, including Arcadian Legal, putting them in a strong position to grow the business.

For us, every client’s success is our own, which is why we collaborate closely with business owners to understand their goals and objectives and help them achieve the results they are looking for—whether it is increasing leads, employing staff, or both through a carefully planned online marketing strategy.

If you want to see a dramatic increase in opportunities and revenue for your business, get in contact with us to find out what we could achieve for you.

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