How we helped Robycs Technology double its revenue through online marketing

Robycs Technology is a leading provider of automation, robotics, and industrial electrical services in Australia, offering innovative solutions since 1991. From commercial and industrial electrical installations to a safer and more efficient manufacturing process through automation, Robycs Technology has been a pioneer in the industry.

While the company has been around for over 30+ years, it wanted to expand and reach out to more clients looking for the specialised services it provides. Robycs Technology engaged with Paramark to grow its opportunities online and reach more ideal clients online.

What we did

Our online marketing strategy was clear, specific, and highly successful. First and foremost, we identified our target audience precisely, focusing on industries most likely to benefit from automation solutions.


Website design

The initial task was a custom website that explained Robycs Technology’s services clearly. This was critical in helping potential customers understand what the company could provide. We accomplished this with a straightforward layout, clear calls to action and trust-building features such as testimonials.



The next step was an SEO campaign to increase visibility among the right people. This campaign included keyword research, local SEO, content marketing, link building, and on-page optimisation. This approach saw great results for Robycs Technology as the number of incoming leads grew significantly.


Content marketing

With an emphasis on quality written content, our articles were clear and answered potential customers’ questions on industrial automation and robotics. Moreover, it positioned the company as a knowledgeable expert in the automation and robotics industry, providing valuable insights and expertise, which led to more enquiries.


Social media content

Our social media strategy aimed to build brand awareness and drive more traffic to the website by posting topics that answered potential customers’ questions and clearly communicated Robycs Technology’s services. This ultimately helped increase website traffic and conversions.

Our results

Our efforts resulted in a 300% increase in organic leads and a 343% surge in organic traffic. Robycs Technology now receives an average of 20 leads per month, demonstrating the effectiveness of our comprehensive strategy encompassing web design, SEO, content marketing, and social media engagement.

Robycs Tech Result


Increase in revenue

attraction 1


Increase in organic leads

website traffic


Increase in organic traffic

The Impact to Robycs Technology

Our marketing campaign was a phenomenal success for Robycs Technology. As a direct result of our work, the company’s sales doubled. With increased visibility and a stronger online presence, Robycs Technology was able to reach more potential customers and establish itself as a leader in the industry. This helped the company grow financially but also helped solidify its reputation as a trusted and reliable provider of industrial automation solutions.

Raymond Sanchez, CEO, Robycs Technology

I would never have imagined in my wildest dreams the positive impact of starting a marketing campaign for our business would have. Thank you Richard and the Paramark team for all of the support, quick responses and going the extra mile to help our business increase our influence to companies we would never get the chance to work with otherwise.

– Raymond Sanchez, CEO, Robycs Technology

Start attracting amazing clients online

Many business owners make the mistake of assuming serious customers aren’t searching online. We’ve found that nothing could be further from the truth. The reality is that there are plenty of decision makers from ideal businesses searching for your services online. However, until your website and marketing is dialled in to attracting these types of clients, they’re either not going to find you or move onto the next competitor in Google.

We design websites specifically to build trust with your ideal customers, so that you can start reaching your best clients online.

We only work with clients where we genuinely believe we can generate massive results. For us, seeing the growth in your business is the greatest satisfaction we have.

If you want results like Robycs Technology, contact the Paramark team today.

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